Monday, July 6, 2015

4th Of July Vacation

This was our third annual San Diego 4th of July vacation. It's great to escape the insane heat for a few days in cool and possibly cloudy/rainy San Diego. We get a prime view of the fireworks on Coronado Island, even though it takes a couple of hours to get back to our hotel afterward because of the traffic. 

Day 1

Entering California, but it looks exactly like Nevada at this point.

We finally made it to the beach! We went to Silver Strand State Beach this time. We'd never been there before, but loved it. Tons of shells for the girls to collect, and not a very long walk from parking, plus plenty of bathrooms make it a winner, even if you have to pay $10.00 to park. 

 A lot of time was spent collecting shells. The girls and I walked for at least an hour up and down the beach looking, especially for sand dollars which this beach had a lot of. We found several that were whole and the girls were thrilled.

Beach selfie. It had to be done.

The sand looks like it has gold flecks in it.

Amelia has boundless energy. We couldn't keep up with her.

 I think seaweed is beautiful, the girls think it's gross.

This pretty much sums up her personality.

 We found this flipper on the beach with a barnacle growing on it.

Day 2

Our hotel was off of the last USA exit before you enter Mexico.

 San Diego Zoo

Not the best experience. At least we know not to waste money there ever again.

Curt accidentally dropped his phone into the van door just as he was closing it. Luckily it still works so he hasn't replaced it yet. It has a nice curve to it now.

 Day 3

 We went to a beach really close to the Mexican border. So close that my phone thought we were in Mexico and I couldn't use it for data, calls or texts.

 Another, very necessary, beach selfie.

Waiting for the fireworks to start. I didn't take even one picture of the fireworks though.

Day 4

The long drive home...

We ended up taking the backway, a scenic route in the middle of nowhere, because the interstate was backed up. We saw 16 dust devils in one area. 

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I LOVE collecting shells! Free stuff! Your selfies look awfully pretty. :)