Saturday, April 30, 2016

Isabel's Senior Prom

Tonight is Isabel's senior prom. She's going with her boyfriend Chris who is a really sweet kid. They've been friends for years. 

I felt like crying a little bit when they left. She's my baby and she's 18 now and so grown up. I hugged her and she was surprised. We don't hug much. Neither of us are big on hugs. Her response, "Your sweater feels nice, so soft and comfy. I wish I was wearing a sweater." I told her she could borrow mine. I don't think it would look alright with her dress though.

She asked me to show her my old junior and senior prom dresses from 1991 and 1992 before she left. My mom made both of them. My junior prom dress was blue satin and my senior prom dress was red satin. I think it's nice that we both wore the same color dress our senior years. She thinks my dresses look so funny and even by early 1990 standards they aren't that stylish. No big, puffy sleeves. They're actually quite simple. At least they are satin which is always in style, at least for prom dresses.

Isabel hates satin so her dress is chiffon with a lace overlay on the top. We found it online within 15 minutes of looking and had it shipped from China. Unfortunately it didn't fit correctly because the sizing was off, but my sister Autumn came to the rescue and tailored it for us. Before I thought of asking Autumn to fix it, we were looking online and in stores for a different dress. I literally looked at thousands of dresses but we didn't find one that Isabel liked. I'm so glad Autumn was able to save the day! 

It was raining so we walked to the park by our house with an umbrella and they stood under a tree to avoid getting wet. 

Their take on the standard "Prom Pose". 

They like to joke around and have fun. 


  1. Isabel, I'm so proud to have a beautiful daughter like you. Chris, that metallic click you're hearing is the safety being selected to 'Off' on my AR-15.

  2. This made me cry a little too. Where is that little kid who used to ride in the stroller when we took our 3 mile walks? Where is the toddler who kicked me in the shins because she didn't want you and I talking to each other? Where is the child who always wanted me to tell stories of my past. I love Isabel SO much...